Innovation and efficiency on your production floor

Ergonomic and safety features should play a central role in production workspaces. They pay for both the productivity and the health of the employees. An ergonomic work bench system is characterized above all by the infinitely variable height adjustability of table surfaces and components.

Skylab creates a beautiful marriage between an efficient and safe system with a beautiful aesthetic and functional solution. The result is a happy work life and more productivity than ever before!

Fast, Flexible, Economical and Ergonomic

  • Expansive Height Adjustability
  • Electric or Manual
  • Custom Tops
  • High Load Capacity
  • Hundreds of Components
  • Complete Customization
  • ESD Solutions
  • Fixed or Mobile Applications

"Lost time is never found again."

Benjamin Franklin

How can we support you?

We have a brilliant and loyal team waiting to answer questions, collaborate on designs, provide expertise best practices, or simply welcome you to all that is Skylab. You are not alone in your quest to change the world. We are here and we are READY!