The future of manufacturing support

The Skylab Satellite is an onsite material management and engineering support program. With consigned stocking materials and an onsite support staff, your teams on the manufacturing floor will have the materials and expertise they need in real-time. No lead time delays, no production slow down, no rushed shipping costs. 

Each Satellite can be custom designed to fit even the most crowded production floor. This program was designed to enhance the supply chain process for our partners and eliminate unnecessary costs and downtime due to logistic limitations. 

We can also connect our online shop to your internal punch out system. This will allow partners to acquire materials, attach Purchase Orders, and process the order seamlessly and completely online. Raw material requests will flow through our ERP system without hiccup and directly to our picking and shipping team for immediate processing. 

Our program truly brings you the value of NOW!

The value of now!

  • Top 60+ Part Numbers On-Site
  • Weekly Inventory Counts and Stocking Adjustments
  • Onsite Material Expert and Inventory Manager
  • Real-Time Material Access
  • Engineering and Design Support
  • Assembly and Machining Support
  • Custom Footprint
  • Zero-Cost of Entry
Aluminum Profiles Onsite

Aluminum Profiles Onsite

With the top item profiles onsite in your Satellite Program, you will have the world's highest quality aluminum extrusion at your fingertips ready to make your ideas a reality!

Hardware and Components Onsite

Hardware and Components Onsite

Award-winning fastening elements are available to you in realtime with the item hardware and components list inside the Satellite Program. Fasteners, Brackets,T-Slot Nuts, Bolts, Castors, Caps and more. 

"There are only two days in a year when nothing can be done. Yesterday and tomorrow. So today is always the right day to love, believe, and do"

Dalai Lama

How can we support you?

We have a brilliant and loyal team waiting to answer questions, collaborate on designs, provide expertise best practices, or simply welcome you to all that is Skylab. You are not alone in your quest to change the world. We are here and we are READY!