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Companies that turn dreams into real life require very specialized suppliers that understand the culture and pressure of being revolutionary while at the same time having to be perfect. We understand this at Skylab and in partnership with item industrial aluminum extrusion we have provided a program of manufacturing support that speaks to the world changers among us. 

The item materials are in a class all their own. Global awards and recognition in design and innovation have firmly planted the item brand as the highest quality aluminum extrusion and components supplier on the planet. In addition to quality, the item brand holds the honored distinction of being the original founders of aluminum profiles for frame building. 

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In addition to the item product line, Skylab, as part of the Accelevation group of businesses, utilizes custom machining capabilities, top of the line tooling, mechanical engineers, assembly experts, onsite installation teams, and global trending market groups to maintain relevance in an ever-changing manufacturing environment. 

We may not change the world at Skylab, but we are privileged to work with those that do. 

The Skylab Offering   

  • Over 5000 aluminum profiles and components available
  • Complete production line buildout
  • Aluminum safety guarding and steel caging
  • Workbenches and material handling carts
  • Linear automation
  • Platform and staircase systems
  • Manual conveyance
  • Weld-Safe and Laser-Safe enclosures
  • Co-bot support assemblies
  • Ergonomic and lean production solutions
  • Custom machined parts
  • Custom weldments

"We are more than just parts providers. We are partners, and we believe strongly that relationships over transactions are at the foundation of all successful businesses." -

Scott Sanders, VP of Sales, Skylab

Our Leadership

Scott Sanders
Vice President of Sales
Devin Yocom
Manager, Order Fulfillment
Sean Llewellyn
Director of Engineering
Cory Renftle
Manager, Manufacturing
Jessica Batchellor
Accounting Manager