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The future of manufacturing support

As the landscape of manufacturing continues to evolve, efficiency and productivity must also scale up. Engineered solutions and materials can come from one of our multiple production facilities or from our new onsite Satellite program that truly speaks to the culture of world changing manufacturers.

We are more than just aluminum extrusion providers. We offer an intricate support system for multiple needs faced by top tier manufacturers today. We provide practical solutions and assist our partners with increased efficiency and decreased waste and cost.

Skylab Manufacturing is part of Accelevation LLC's portfolio of vertically integrated manufacturing companies that include Conatech, Southeast Tool, Revolution Iron Works and Coach Tool and Die

At its core, Accelevation is about accelerating innovation. Curiosity and problem-solving drive everything we do. Skylab leverages the capabilities of our family of companies to design, develop and implement solutions for a truly competitive advantage.

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Global manufacturing clients
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The Satellite

Skylab Satellites are an onsite material management and engineering consignment program. The primary objective? Create a support system to decrease the expense of aluminum extrusion materials, engineering design services, and shipping costs. Real time access to consigned material and engineering services decreases lead time and production downtime while assisting in eliminating the eight wastes of lean manufacturing. Truly the value of now!

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